For Tenants

DwellDown is a discovery engine for tenants. Our platform compiles data through user verified reviews of rental experiences and neighbourhoods to help people find the perfect place to live. Our proprietary algorithms are able to compare and suggest suitable locations while providing social and economic trends.


DwellDown’s discovery platform was made for a growing and underserved demographic, tenants.

It was created after a horrible rental experience by the founder, who realised there was no transparency in the private rental sector. The average tenant spends between 30-60% of their monthly disposable income on rent, yet there aren’t sufficient tools available to help people make an informed decision on where they choose to call home.

Why wasn’t it possible to access trusted reviews of the previous tenants’ rental experience and surrounding neighbourhoods?


DwellDown is an open and neutral platform that allows tenants to rate the rental experience on the basis of overall quality, comfort, communication, amenities and neighbourhood. By crowdsourcing our data, we are creating a community of trust and transparency that enables people to discover the most suitable address’ and area’s to best fit their needs.

There are strict posting policies in place which focus solely on the rental experiences and neighbourhoods.


Tenant numbers are rising annually on a global scale. People are moving throughout the world for a number of economic, social and educational purposes. Our average users range in age between 23-34 and identify themselves as young professionals, ex-pats, families and students.

We created DwellDown to ease the uncertainty of moving to a new location and help people make educated decisions on where they choose to call home.

For Real Estate Professionals

Having a thorough understanding of the rental journey, DwellDown has been able to identify major issues facing agents, management companies and landlords during the process of completing a tenancy for their clients. Most companies are using outdated, manual methods that take up valuable employee hours during the work week to respond, connect, sort emails and set up viewings.

With this in mind, we have created, Flow a smart customisable workflow tool that will give professionals back important hours of their week. We understand that time is money, so let Flow make your work life more efficient by simplifying and managing your sales funnel through an intuitive and automated platform.

Flow's customisable workflow table allows you to:

  • Automate correspondence
  • Automatically schedule viewings
  • Sort your incoming leads
  • Take back your email inbox
  • Real time lead qualification
  • GDPR compliant database
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